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The virgin coconut oil exporters usually use coconut oil that is mostly extracted by the method of cold-press in order to maintain the nutrients and the fat content of the oil. There is a significant difference between virgin coconut oil and normal coconut oil and these differences are usually based on the source of the coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil manufacturers are gaining familiarity and recognition in the public and across the globe when compared to normal coconut oil.

Making of Virgin Coconut oil

Virgin Coconut OilThe virgin coconut oil suppliers and manufacturers produce virgin coconut oil from different sources such as freshly extracted milk of coconut, meat of the coconut and residues obtained. In case of virgin coconut oil manufactured from the fresh meat engages the shell removal, with washing and using the wet or dry milling methods and finally using a screw press to extract the oil from the substance. The virgin coconut oil exporters also extract their Virgin coconut oil from fresh meat by grating it completely and drying it to a minimal moisture level of 10-13%, followed by a manual press method to extract the Virgin coconut oil. In case of the extraction from the coconut milk, the Virgin coconut oil exporters and manufacturers mix the grated coconut with water to extract the oil. The milk can also be used after fermentation for 1-2 days, the oil is then obtained and then the cream is further heated to remove more oil. The final option is to use a centrifuge to separate the oil from the other liquids present and the oil can also be got from the dry product residue that remains after coconut milk production.

The main difference between the virgin coconut oil and pure coconut oil ( RBD Coconut oil) is based on their way of extraction. However, with respect to the virgin coconut oil, the raw materials and the extraction process should not be interfered by heat. Hence, in recognized virgin coconut oil manufacturing units, very critical care is taken to guarantee that the meat, raw materials and such as coconut milk are not exposed to sunlight or heat. In some of the cases, the Virgin coconut oil exporters extract Virgin coconut oil by cold compression of fresh coconut meat. This method is known as micro-expelling.

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed):

There are various health benefits of the virgin coconut oil (Cold-Pressed) that is exported by Virgin coconut oil manufacturers. Research proves that the Virgin coconut oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides that increases the metabolism and gives a person more energy and because of its high content of caprylic acid that is strong enough to destroy candida by targeting the harmful microbes. Virgin coconut oil tends to reduce cholesterol levels as it is rich in lauric acid which safeguards the heart by decreasing the LDL levels and increasing HDL levels. It is important to note that the virgin coconut oil exporters now target fitness companies to increase their value as coconut oil aids in weight loss even though it has fat content and it reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also keeps diabetes under control and prevents an insulin spike in blood. With respect to the malabsorption diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, coconut oil with vitamin E supplements administered through the skin provides good results. The Virgin coconut oil improves and supports the immune system in the human body and research studies state that it improves cognitive functions of the brain. The final benefit of the virgin coconut oil is that it is been considered an integral part of the Ayurvedic branch of medicine and also has been used for healing process of bruises that have occurred in the body.

The other advantages of virgin coconut oil:

It is one of the most easily available natural nutrients that nourishes the hair and improves its growth and sheen. A regular massage with coconut oil helps in the scalp being dandruff and lice free.

One of the major reasons for high demand of coconut oil exporters such as us is mainly because of the increased demand for our pure virgin coconut oil in both cosmetics and hair oil industries.

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