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The pure refined sunflower oil exports sunflower oil is non-volatile oil that is obtained from the compression of sunflower seeds otherwise known as Helianthus annuus seeds. The sunflower oil exporters tend to export oil that is mostly commonly used as cooking oil and in some cases it is used as cosmetic oil too. The sunflower exporters generally export natural sunflower oil that is light in taste and high in Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It is a combination of monounsaturated (MUFA) and PUFA with low saturated fat levels.

There are two types of sunflower seeds such as confection and non-oil sunflower seeds. The confection seeds are edible and are used in the oil extraction process and on the other hand, the non-oil sunflower seeds are used as a feed for animals and are not edible by humans. The oil is extracted from the black seeds and the whole flower.

There are three types of sunflower oil available in the market such as linoleic, high oleic and NuSun sunflower oil. All of these are produced by standardised breeding techniques. They differ in their oleic levels and each of them has unique properties.

Making of Sunflower Oil:

refined-sunflower-oilThe pure refined sunflower oil is highly susceptible to degradation by heat, light or air that further triggers oxidation because sunflower oil is mainly composed of a very healthy, but less stable PUFA and MUFA. Maintaining low temperatures during manufacturing and storing reduces the rancidity and the loss of nutrients. Moreover, the sunflower oil is stored in darkly-coloured glass or plastic that has been specially treated with UV light protectants.

This oil can be extracted with the help of chemical solvents such as hexane or by a direct pressing of sunflower seeds by crushing them. The cold-pressing or expeller method under the low-temperature conditions is the most commonly preferred method for those who want to extract the oil in a natural way without using chemicals and for people who are on a raw food diet too.

Refined versus unrefined

The refining of sunflower oil occurs through a series of processes namely solvent extraction, de-gumming, neutralization of acids and finally bleaching the by-products which makes the oil more stable and less susceptible to high temperatures. These processes shall also eliminate some of the nutrients of the oil, the flavor and color thus exhibiting a pale yellow color, free fatty acids and essential phospholipids which is present in the pure sunflower oil that is extracted. The unrefined sunflower oil is not as heat-stable as the refined one and hence it is preferred for salads and food cooked at low temperatures or heat, however this oil tends to retain the original nutrient, flavor and color contents.

Benefits of Refined Sunflower Oil:

The pure refined sunflower oil exporters supply oil that is rich in Vitamin E and has low content of saturated fats and it contains high levels of MUFA and PUFA that are beneficial to the heart. It reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood and lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

It is good at preventing the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and since it has more Vitamin E content it builds the immune system and protects the body from asthma and colon cancer.

The high carotenoid content in sunflower oil aids in the prevention of uterine, skin and lung cancers and since they have a high source of Vitamin A they prevent cataracts.

The pure refined sunflower oil exporters export sunflower oil that contains high levels of antioxidant that helps in neutralizing the effects of the cancer-causing free radicals that are available. These free radicals tend to cause damage the cells and the immune system. The sunflower oil is a good source of proteins which are important for building and repairing tissues and also used for the production of hormones and enzymes.

The antioxidant content in sunflower oil helps in prevention of early signs of aging and the exposure to free radicals is decreased. Having natural moisturizing properties, the sunflower oil helps in retention of the moisture in the skin and is very good for people with dry or highly dehydrated skin. Thus, the sunflower oil exporters are in collaboration with the cosmetic industry by supplying pure refined sunflower oil for production of cosmetics and hair products.

The sunflower oil has a light texture and a very mild flavor which smoothens the hair and adds a nice sheen to the hair. The sunflower seed oil aids to control the frizz and it reduces the dryness and damage caused to the hair. This oil maintains the shine of the hair and is used commonly as a natural conditioner. Sunflower oil is very light in nature and it helps in conditioning the greasy hair.

Sunflower oil is a rich source of gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA) which helps in prevention of hair thinning and is effective in the hair-loss treatment, alopecia and baldness.

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