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The coconut oil suppliers generally use oil manufactured from the coconuts harvested from our organic plantations with a certification from the government. These refined coconut oils obtained from copra are usually known as ‘RBD coconut oils’ in the countries that produce coconut oil on a large scale for export purposes. This acronym ‘RBD’ can be expanded as refined, bleached and completely deodorized for marketing and export purposes. The bleaching process mentioned here is a filtration process that is used to eliminate impurities in the oil. For filtration purposes, bleaching clay is used and high pressure steam is used to sterilize the oil as the starting raw material is copra. Hence, the end product generated has a very bland and plain taste with very minimal or no smell.

Making of Coconut Oil

Coconut OilThe RBD coconut oil or pure coconut oil used for export is usually produced from copra or the dried coconut part which is initially placed in the hydraulic press machine with induced heat after which the oil is extracted. The coconut oil exporters in India such as us, use two types of processing (wet or dry method) to extract coconut oil. The dry method is usually preferred over the wet method as it just needs the meat to be obtained from the shell and dried using natural methods such as furnaces, kiln to produce copra. This copra is then further pressed and dissolved with the help of solvents, thus producing the end-product coconut oil (a high-protein, fiber mash).

This method usually yields a large quantity of oil that equals more than 60% of the dry weight of the coconut used for extraction. This crude or the first product is not encouraged for consumption by people as it consists of various contaminants that are harmful to health. Thus, it is subjected to further refining processes such as heating and filtering. A thousand mature coconuts weigh around 1,500 kgs and the oil yield is around 170kgs of copra and from which 70l of coconut oil can be extracted.

Why is Coconut Oil Healthy?

The coconut oil exporters generally emphasize the fact that the high fiber and nutritional content reflect the health benefits of the coconut oil and the oil extracted from the copra is a super medicine and a super food. The special feature of the coconut oil is that it is mainly composed of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) or Medium-chain triglycerides. These MCTs are known to have reduced the LDL levels and the risk of atheroslecrosis.

Uses of coconut oil,

Coconut oil suppliers produce oil that is used predominantly in cooking and for long frying times. It is a common flavour used in many of the South Asian curries or sides. For popcorn made in theatres, coconut oil is used and thus adding a huge amount of saturated fats to the product.


Coconut oil has been also accepted as a feedstock for the biodiesel to be used as a fuel for diesel engines. In this way, it can be applied to power generator circuits and for transportations that use diesel engines.

Personal Uses

Coconut oil exporters are known to sell their products to cosmetics and soap manufacturers too as the coconut oil has been known for its moisturizer properties and it helps with extremely dry and chapped skin. Coconut oil is an integral base content of soap manufacturers and the soaps made of coconut oil are usually harder and it retains more water than soaps that are made from other essential oils. This property thus increases the manufacturing yields and it is more soluble in hard water and salt water. The original coconut oil in soap is clear and transparent and turns bright white when hardened in the process. A repellent that is produced from coconut oil is very effective to prevent sand fleas that cause tungiasis from penetrating the skin. Coconut oil was used for illumination purposes before the invention of electrical lighting.

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